Blue skies over Blåvand

Although I’ve lived in Norway for nearly a decade, I haven’t travelled in Scandinavia at all so this year we decided to take an archetypical Norwegian holiday to Denmark. We stayed near Blåvand, Jylland, in a village named, rather unfortunately (or hilariously) for English speakers, Ho.


In the midst of these miles of grain, flat seas, and low skies that make up Denmark’s “Eventyrland” (Fairytale Country) lies a magical yarn shop called Ho Strik. Continental Denmark does not, to my knowledge, boast any famous knitting tradition like its former colonies Norway and Iceland or the Faroe Islands but if Ho Strik is any indication of yarn shops in Denmark in general then knitters here are quite discerning. The yarn moratorium died a quick and merciless death when faced with Hjelholt Uldspinderi‘s locally spun mohair/Falkland blend and Juniper Moon Farm’s laceweight merino/silk. Yes, laceweight! That it should be so elusive in Kristiania and so easily found in Ho — well, let my sighs burn swaths across the sea.

The shop itself is located in a thatched building with a low-beam ceiling and cobblestone floor. I could have happily spent the whole holiday here.

Of course, the stash expansion pack needs a pic (and may I defend myself, however pathetically, by saying that it’s quite negligible compared to what I wanted to bring back):


There’s one last woolly sin, dear reader, to which I must also confess: we went to Flensburg, just over the border in Germany, and I managed to make it to Wollsucht. Odd-Even allowed me only ten minutes, which was probably a good thing because it meant that I failed to discover that Wollsucht stocks Wollemeise in addition to the Regia that I’d come for…



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