Some of my unfavourite things

I guess every knitter keeps a list of some items they’d rather never knit. Excluding the household items (dishcloths, pillow covers, rugs, etc) mine is short but drastic: socks and sweaters. But as you’ve likely noticed by now, dear reader, it’s August and for me that means it’s time to plan winter knitting for the kids so socks and sweaters will constitute most projects for the next few months. (I do promise some lacy interruptions, however.)

As luck would have it, the yarn for both Knoll and Tott’s sweaters already lives in the stash and my go-to pattern, the seamless set-in sleeve sweater by Barbara Walker, is already on standby. And to really shake things up this year I’m going to make some raglans using this pattern.

In fact, I’ve already finished one! For Tott in Nøstebarn Merino 2-ply (held double so it knitted up in just a few days)! In an attempt to liven it up, I added a Shetland pattern from Alice Starmore’s book Fair Isle Knitting.


Knoll’s (in the Barbara Walker style) is already partially finished too…and I think I might have discovered my new favourite yarn: Easyknits Big Boy, a blend of Exmoor Blueface, alpaca, and nylon. Knoll is partial to cables in the style of Elsebeth Lavold, and Big Boy showcases them fantastically. I even find myself wishing that I had done some all-over cabling instead of a measly mirrored pair down the front…


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