I’ve got lots of them! At least woolly ones! Recently while digging through my yarn box I discovered some more UFOs — mittens in handspun Icelandic. I loved this yarn, spun with roving from Peter, Paul and Larry, but I also remember that this fibre, which wanted to be a woollen-spun 2-ply sport weight, ended up a 3-ply worsted-spun worsted weight. Incredibly dense and heavy and perfect, in the end, for mittens, but since I fought the fibre every inch of the way I think this batch is very much a one-off.

They made another pair of Mors du Cheval mittens (one of my very first patterns) and a variation inspired by Susan Cooper’s novel The Dark Is Rising.


“The glowing thing came out of the wall easily from a break in the stucco where the Chiltern flints of the wall showed through. It lay on his palm: a circle, quartered by a cross. It had not been cut into that shape. Even through the light in it, Will could see the smooth roundness of the sides that told him this was a natural flint, grown in the Chiltern chalk fifteen million years ago.”

On reknitting this pattern, I realised just how difficult it was to place the knots and i-cord, so I’m going to rewrite it in order to add two rows of eyelets. And a lining, because I always wished the original mittens were lined. Then, hopefully I can convince Odd-Even to contribute his skills with pens and ink to redraw the knot instructions.

For now, I’m thinking about busting out the spinning wheel for another Return to Dragon Gate Inn. And this time I’ll try really hard not to lose the charts so a new and improved version might actually reach you in the near future. Until then we will make do with the current version, which despite my best efforts back in the day resembles the ones below (from a building set for a Chinese temple model) a little too closely for comfort. If in any doubt, FOR MORE INFORMATION PLEASE REREAD.

IMG_4984 (1)

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