State of the stash

Whenever Odd-Even asks about the How and Why of stashing, I’m inclined, almost automatically, to cast it as a moral failure: I lack the willpower to keep myself from buying more. At the same time, every few months (as you may have realised, dear reader), I take stock of the stash and tell myself in no uncertain terms that there will be no further yarn allowed in the house. Of course, that oath never goes unbroken for long — and there’s the rub, quite literally in a sense, for the stash is always a potential source of friction and discord depending on how much of it I allow Odd-Even to view at any one time.

He did, however, support my endeavour to catalogue it on Ravelry. Photographing the yarn took less time than I had imagined, which was a good thing, because it suggested that I could actually manage the stash. The relatively small fiber stash surprised me, to say the least, but I didn’t photograph the many samples that dyers often send. Half-skeins and other leftovers have also been weeded from the main stash, with the view to making another granny square blanket in the future. Nevertheless, I’m going to need not a few patterns for one-skein wonders if I’m to get through this.


And the fiber…


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