More historical mittens

The Norwegian film director Tommy Wirkola is planning a new film about World War II in northern Norway and NRK, the national broadcaster, has very kindly made a list of potential subjects for him. From the article:

“It could be interesting to shed a light on the female side of the war — the women soldiers. On Sørøya they were enlisted and took part in fighting — in direct exchanges against the Germans,” explains Gro Marie Nilsen.

Like the soldier retreating to Østerdalen, the women also wore handknitted mittens. Here is Eva Charlotte Kristine Bjerknes, who volunteered at age 18 and became known as a skilled weapons instructor.


And three unidentified women, also part of the same effort in the north.


Both photos are from the NTBS Krigsarkiv.

These mittens reminded me that years ago I’d read somewhere that Nancy Bush had talked about a Finnish sharpshooter who used handknitted mittens while fighting the Soviets during WWII. A bit of googling led me back to that anecdote! Read it here.

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