We went to Antibes, near Nice, for a week, and have come back ready to face the impending winter. It’s still summer on the Riviera, though, and we took the utmost advantage!

Our visit to the Provençal Market did not, alas, yield any yarn or fibre (I was holding out against all odds for some Merino d’Arles), but we could have purchased a great deal of lavender had we so desired.

So instead of stuffing my suitcase with yarn this time around (cf. the trip to Denmark), we cut it quite close to the 23 kg weight limit with these goodies. I would never previously have called myself a fan of graphic novels or comics, but Comic Strips Cafe proved me wrong and no your eyes are not mistaken that is indeed a series about Fredegunda the bloodthirsty Merovingian queen after whom a scarf has been named in the Not Quite Samite series. More conventional as souvenirs, perhaps, but just as wonderful: chocolate by Jean-Luc Pelé and soap by Marius Fabre.

Having been so warm for a week, we felt the cold more than ever on our return this afternoon. Next week will see the casting on of more sweaters for Knoll and Tott, I think. Sadly this holiday saw little progress in terms of lace knitting (my latest project seems to be some kind of Sisyphean mesh) but let’s not kid anyone, there is always plenty of time to knit at home!


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