The best of times, the worst of times

I really want to hibernate. But miles (of yarn) to go before I sleep, and all that. Speaking of which, here’s Knoll’s latest sweater, which you might recognize by now as yet another incredible custom-fit raglan.


But, hey, dear reader, perhaps you, unlike me, are full of energy and casting about for a new project. In that case, let me suggest either Haldetrude (buy now!), shown below in red, or Faileube (buy now! Please!). As is usual for scarves in the Not Quite Samite series, they work up using just 1 skein of fingering weight yarn, the patterns have been tested, and you should know how to cast on provisionally, work nupps, and graft.



Or if you’re looking for something bigger and warmer with a bit of bling to light up the impending winter, why not try a beaded faux Faroese shawl? Saltangara would fit the bill…and you can totally buy now!

(If you’re not averse to testing a pattern — with the understanding that it might contain mistakes, although that pitfall is usually avoided — I’m really desperate for testers for another faux Faroese shawl here.)

Disclaimer: These ads were paid for by the NewNorwegian Knit & Crochet Action Committee. By the way, I’m Fleinhøy and I approve this message.

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