Retail therapy

As if you didn’t know it, dear reader — I love Much love to Jon, whose offer of free shipping at the end of October prompted me to buy a skein of Splendour Lace in the colourway Cursed Treasure…which arrived on Wednesday, a welcome distraction from the news headlines.


And today I finally indulged after 10 years of longing: sealskin boots lined with wool!


If like me you can’t resist the pointed toes and promise of warmth, you can buy them online here. (These ones came from a shop in town.)

Photography ranks high on my list of ambivalences, and WIP photography even more so, but, lacking much else upon which to converse, here are two: Jorid Linvik’s Christmas Hearts and Lilacs in the Doorway (or, as I’ve taken to calling this October iteration, The Grimy Scraps of Withered Leaves). Both patterns are free, in case you are into therapy but not retail therapy.



And two Christmas presents as yet unknitted:


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