Sunday spinning

Here’s a little Advent present from the British Library!

Clockwise from top right:

Gaia Caecilia or Tanaquil, Royal 20 C V f. 75 (produced in Paris)
Woman carding wool, Royal 10 E IV f. 138 (S. France, possibly Toulouse)
Gaia Caecilia, Royal 16 G V f. 56 (Rouen)
Grotesque, Royal 15 E IC f. 246 (Bruges)
Woman at spinning wheel, Royal 10 E IV f. 147
Bearded Man of Limerick, Royal 13 B VIII f. 19 (England)

You can search the Catalogue of Illuminated Manuscripts to find more; I used the keywords wool, yarn, spin, spindle, spinning, wheel and card, all of which gave me a handful of relevant results. Strangely, weave gives you nothing, but weaving and especially loom work better.

Enjoy your Sunday…

P.S. I’ve made postcards from some of these images. You can buy them here on Zazzle!

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