Beating back the Old Year

Clockwise from right:

From the Koninklijke Bibliotheek:
St Blaise, the patron saint of wool combers, about to be pierced by iron combs, KB, 76 F 2 fol. 260r

From the British Library:
Woman beating man with distaff, Additional 42130 f.60
Woman beating fox with distaff, Royal 10 E IV f. 49v
Woman hitting man with cards, Royal 10 E IV f. 142v
Woman chasing fox with distaff, Royal 2 B VII f. 158

Though I dearly long to “curse for ten minutes without repeating myself” at the Old Year as I kick it out the door, there’s a total lack of guarantees about 2017 that makes me hold my tongue. The pessimist in me refuses to discount the possibility that this year might bring us whirlwinds, heathen raiders, and fiery dragons.

Nevertheless, I must evince some optimism: this blog has survived for four years! On this day in 2013 I wrote the very first post. Some kind of celebration will be forthcoming in the near future, dear reader. In the meantime, let me simply wish you (a slightly belated) Happy New Year 🙂

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