Hello, dear reader. I know that I’ve been posting a lot of art lately. Probably too much art. In fact, it’s definitely too much art, and it makes me wonder at my self-professed label of philistine. Nevertheless, I really wanted to share with you my latest discovery of the Dutch Baroque painter Quirijn van Brekelenkam (fl. 1648-1669).

Quiringh Gerritsz. van Brekelenkam 002


As Peter Paul Rubens’ Twitter feed provides the bulk of my exposure to art, I don’t know if in fact there might be a glut of similar scenes depicting men at the spinning wheel in the Golden Age. Accept my apologies for the wastage of space and time if you’ve already been inundated with such images from other sources.

I also follow NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory and if you have ever entertained the idea of sewing professionally (and even if you haven’t), you might enjoy the story of “spacecraft dresser” Lien Pham, who works at the JPL. She started out as a lingerie seamstress for Olga and now makes thermal blankets to regulate spacecraft temperature!

Last but not least at all: it seems that “dictionary writer” and “knitter” might occupy that sweet spot at the intersection of a Venn diagram. From the Merriam-Webster Dictionary: A Ravel of Knitting Words, complete with photographs.

As for my own endeavours…last week I took a break to relieve my hands from the suffering that had ensued from that surfeit of socks on tiny needles — and discovered anew that one can survive 7 days without knitting a single stitch. I drafted charts for future projects and contemplated the future of the blog. All in all, a very inconspicuous end to January 2017.

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