February blues

The cold has finally come to Norway!!! And because I dislike wind on my face, I decided to knit a cowl: Jotunheim. Free pattern, anyone? 🙂

As you can see, dear reader, the light box produces its share of execrable photos. It does, however, make this blue — which is rather matte and blah in real life — look rich and lovely. Now, if only it could similarly transform the sport weight sock yarn into cashmere or 18 micron merino…


If you wondered where “Jotunheim” came from, you won’t be surprised to hear that I’ve been reading Neil Gaiman’s latest: Norse Mythology, a retelling of some of the Norse myths. These are stories for reading out loud. For dark winter evenings and overcast days and too-long train trips. They are straightforward and tinged with tragedy as if the gods know that their adventures, no matter how much laughter and awe that they induce, will only lead them to Ragnarok.

On a musical note (pun totally intended), I’ve gone from The Clash to Antonio Caldara. This aria! And this aria! FROM AN ORATORIO ABOUT MEROVINGIANS! And then this whole cantata! I am quite convinced that one could await Ragnarok without worries or anxiety as long as one were not deprived of this music.

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