Songs about spinning


Ever since I got my Louet Julia, my spindles have seen little spinning duty. But there’s hardly any point in busting out the wheel for a single rolag…this one courtesy of Deb at my favourite Fondant Fibre. So I’m going to spend Sunday afternoon spindling while listening to folk songs.

Spinning Wheel, sung by Nana Mouskari

Mellow the moonlight to shine is beginning
Close by the window young Eileen is spinning
Bent o’er the fire her grand grandmother sitting
is crooning and moaning and drowsily knitting…

Llangollen Market, sung by Siobhan Owen

While thinking of my Owen, my eyes with tears do fill,
And then my mother chides me because my wheel stands still,
But how can I think of spinning when my Owen’s far away;
Why, Owen, did you leave me? At home why did I stay?

And while definitely not a song, I just discovered that BBC Radio 4 has a whole collection of knitting-related programs!

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