Seven Frankish Sisters…er, queens

Knitting: I’m trying to stashbust, I really really am, trust me on that one, dear reader, but sometimes my designs end up orthogonally positioned to the existing stash. And then Jon at Easyknits offers free shipping and Tott admires some yarn and and and.

Music: There’s nothing quite like Philippe Jaroussky singing the Domine Deus from one of Vivaldi’s Glorias. Well, except maybe Joshua Bell playing Brahms.

Book: I’m reading Fridtjof Nansen’s På Ski Over Grønland in a very handsome edition from the local library. Let me regale you with stories about the width of sled runners and the weights of different woods.

Oh wait, let me not do that. My personal milestone this week (as opposed to a personal millstone) does involve a book, however. The first scarves from the Not Quite Samite collection were knitted back in the summer of 2014, so this collection has been two and a half years in the making — but let’s not think about that egregious timeline cos it’s finally finished and you can now buy all 7 patterns together as an e-book!

Seven Sisters

Here are some sample pages from the book — manuscript images and medieval accounts of Merovingians accompany the eponymous scarves:

Screen Shot 2017-03-18 at 10.19.25Screen Shot 2017-03-18 at 10.20.42Screen Shot 2017-03-18 at 10.20.20

If you feel like busting some stash and marveling at the murderous deeds of Frankish royalty, this might totally be the thing for you!

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