I joined Pinterest

Why did I keep writing that post title as “I jointed Pinterest”? I don’t even joint chickens! But yes. I joined Pinterest.

Anyway, it being required to provide Pinterest with a minimum of 5 (!) topics so that they could curate a homepage for me, I decided to engage in some surreptitious rebellion after choosing the predictable ‘knitting’ and ‘lace’ and ‘yarn’. So I listed ‘survival skills’ as one of my 5 interests — and Pinterest obligingly provided me with tips on how to ward off a variety of wild animals while knitting Japanese cable patterns.

Screen Shot 2017-03-30 at 17.57.25

On the knitting front, the stash expansion pack just arrived this afternoon from Jon at Easyknits — and last week’s swatch has turned into a shawl.


My spooky shadow arm somehow reminded me of the shadow puppets from the opening credits of the movie Bunraku, which is where I’ll leave you tonight:

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