The Woods at Alby

Maybe it’s easier to take blocking pics because there’s no expectation of awesomeness in said pics. Anyway, as usual there is nothing to recommend either my blocking or photography skills but I did love the repetitiveness and simplicity of this pattern.

The shawl takes less than 800 m, which was the intention, but which also made for some stressful and extremely fast knitting — because for some reason I harbour the irrational belief that the speedier the knitting the less yarn will be needed.

With Soft ‘n’ Lacy in the Windflower colourway from Lamington Lass! The yarn is very plump and makes great nupps. It also survived at least 4 trips to the frog pond in quite decent condition.

Here’s a rather dry article from the New York Times about the flower called wood anemone in English (as opposed to the rather more poetic hvitveis in Norwegian) that inspired this shawl.

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