Cast of Characters
You could call me Fleinhøy, but I answer, for the most part, to Lanja. I grew up in Canada; came of age in New Mexico; studied medieval literature in the Low Countries; and moved to Norway when I married Odd-Even, who would, of course – given my hobby – be a self-professed wool-hater. Our sons Knoll and Tott generally exhibit less antipathy than their father towards the wearing of wool garments, though, to be fair, Knoll has inherited my antipathy towards alpaca and Tott thinks that camel/silk blends itch.

Raison d’Être
This blog sprang into existence after I decided that I needed a public space in which to hold myself accountable to my promise to Odd-Even at Christmas 2012: namely to knit down my stash. Short of a 12-step program, however, I’m not going to manage to kick the yarn habit, so since then it’s basically become a place for me to record my works-in-progress and finished objects, new stash acquisitions, and the landscapes of my much-loved adopted country, Norway.

The past 4 years have taught me that I really dislike writing for the public, with the result that my posts here rarely constitute more than a paragraph or two of uninspired prose. I would offer my apologies, except doing so seems to suggest that I’d make an effort in the future to infuse my posts with wit and humour. At this point, I know myself well enough to assure you beyond all doubt that there’s really no hope for improvement. Nevertheless, if you’re looking for distraction, might I, with a complete lack of humility, propose that a return to these decidedly unhallowed pages might be just the thing.


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