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Norway’s mostly renowned, I think, for its fjords and mountains, but I’m determined to share the charms of the Eastfold with anyone who will spare a glance!

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Izzy wizzy, let’s get busy

Did you know that there’s a secret manuscript of the Odyssey wherein Circe enchants her wine with the following spell? Izzy wizzy, let’s get busy. Make this wine sweet and fizzy! Most of the past 3 weeks have been spent … Continue reading

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A rainy day at the Palace and Park

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The Woods at Alby

Maybe it’s easier to take blocking pics because there’s no expectation of awesomeness in said pics. Anyway, as usual there is nothing to recommend either my blocking or photography skills but I did love the repetitiveness and simplicity of this … Continue reading

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Yesterday I discovered AliExpress. If you’re not familiar with it, then the best description that I can muster would be Chinese Amazon crossed with Etsy — in the sense that it provides a platform for individual stores to sell, dream, … Continue reading

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I joined Pinterest

Why did I keep writing that post title as “I jointed Pinterest”? I don’t even joint chickens! But yes. I joined Pinterest. Anyway, it being required to provide Pinterest with a minimum of 5 (!) topics so that they could … Continue reading

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