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Christmas Music

In the event that you can’t bear to listen one more over-jolly rendition of Frosty the Snowman, let me present you with an alternate Christmas playlist.   Or if you prefer a classical Christmas: Advertisements

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Selfish sweater

In order to make myself feel better about buying yarn (i.e. expanding the stash) I’ve developed the rule that it isn’t actually stash if it’s cast on right away. Therefore, Black Friday’s bounty doesn’t really count, since it’s well on … Continue reading

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Red, white, and PURPLE!

New patterns! Purple cowl: Brisingamen Purple shawl: Margit Hjuxe White Faroese shawl: Shawl for the 17th of May White baby blanket: Jurriaan Red & White shawl: A Wandering Canadian – seeking testers here! Red shawl: Raven-Wine

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Socks and Spain

Is it too soon to say that I love Spain? I’ve only been there a total of 2 times, but it already holds a special place in my heart. Here are some typically touristy views of Palma de Mallorca… My … Continue reading

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Res nova

No, it’s not really a revolution. But I did make some new discoveries on YouTube that have revolutionized my playlists for the past week!  

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Shades of Grey

Stormy weather…keeps raining all the time!

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The annual post about winter knitting

Here’s the first of the winter knitting: felted lopi slippers. They busted some stash that was about 10 years old (or maybe “only” 7) and they fulfil their intended purpose, so I am inclined to like them despite their lack … Continue reading

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