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If you’ve been a regular here for the past few years, dear reader, you might recall that in addition to knitting I’m also obsessed with Arctic exploration in the 19th century, particularly the lost Franklin expedition. Though I won’t be … Continue reading

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Eastfold summer


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Another sweater!

Sorry, I couldn’t resist. This yarn spent about 3 years in the stash — it’s Silk me Lace by Greta and the Fibers, handdyed in Barcelona. As it languished unknitted, I really came to dislike the colour, but as I … Continue reading

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This is totally a sweater

Whenever I knit in public, people often ask me if I’m knitting a sweater. Yes. Well. Here is my new “sweater.”

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I took Tott to town today and at the bookstore we discovered “The Sheep that Jumped over the Fence.” In other news, the stash is being knit down, new patterns are being dreamed up, a novel is being written, and … Continue reading

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Norway’s mostly renowned, I think, for its fjords and mountains, but I’m determined to share the charms of the Eastfold with anyone who will spare a glance!

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Izzy wizzy, let’s get busy

Did you know that there’s a secret manuscript of the Odyssey wherein Circe enchants her wine with the following spell? Izzy wizzy, let’s get busy. Make this wine sweet and fizzy! Most of the past 3 weeks have been spent … Continue reading

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