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The annual post about winter knitting

Here’s the first of the winter knitting: felted lopi slippers. They busted some stash that was about 10 years old (or maybe “only” 7) and they fulfil their intended purpose, so I am inclined to like them despite their lack … Continue reading

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I took Tott to town today and at the bookstore we discovered “The Sheep that Jumped over the Fence.” In other news, the stash is being knit down, new patterns are being dreamed up, a novel is being written, and … Continue reading

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Winter knitting

A really great thing about having (relatively) small kids is the fact that one can knit an entire sweater from a single skein of yarn (more or less). Hey presto! Another raglan in Nøstebarn 2-ply merino (held double) for Tott, … Continue reading

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Some of my unfavourite things

I guess every knitter keeps a list of some items they’d rather never knit. Excluding the household items (dishcloths, pillow covers, rugs, etc) mine is short but drastic: socks and sweaters. But as you’ve likely noticed by now, dear reader, … Continue reading

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O ye of little faith!

I dedicate this post (and this project) to all the knitters and crocheters and yarn addicts and fibre hoarders out there who despair of ever diminishing their stashes. Be not afraid — for though my stash had not taken on … Continue reading

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Bad news

The baddest of the bad news: carpal tunnel (or RSI), the doctor doesn’t seem to know/care, except to prescribe REST REST REST and more REST — no more knitting, no more (hand)writing, no more computer. On a rather less drastic … Continue reading

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“Mummy, I like itchy sweaters!”

Tott sometimes spouts quite a lot of nonsense, and I think that his latest declaration of liking itchy sweaters falls firmly into that category. Still, he was quite thrilled about this latest Bog Jacket in some leftover Lett Lopi — … Continue reading

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