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Colours and combinations

The last few weeks’ knitting: Jorid Linvik’s Lucky Horse mittens and Julehjerte (Christmas Hearts) frame my own glow-in-the dark design. On which note I wanted to write a bit more — not about design or its mysterious and mathematical processes, … Continue reading

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More historical mittens

The Norwegian film director Tommy Wirkola is planning a new film about World War II in northern Norway and NRK, the national broadcaster, has very kindly made a list of potential subjects for him. From the article: “It could be … Continue reading

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I’ve got lots of them! At least woolly ones! Recently while digging through my yarn box I discovered some more UFOs — mittens in handspun Icelandic. I loved this yarn, spun with roving from Peter, Paul and Larry, but I … Continue reading

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A photo from the Defense Museum

This photograph can be found at the Norwegian Defense Museum — “Norwegian soldiers retreating to a new position further north in Østerdalen” during WWII. While American women were encouraged to knit for the troops, I can’t find any similar exhortations … Continue reading

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More mittens

Thank you, dear reader(s), for the amazing number of hearts and kind comments that you gave the Maple Leaf and Moose Antler mittens on Ravelry! For my latest, I combined some stitch patterns from a Rauma booklet for a new … Continue reading

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Sometimes I wonder WHY. Namely, why did I make that particular design choice when in hindsight it would obviously never cause me anything but regret? The answer to that question, dear reader, comes from Kurt Vonnegut’s novel Slaughterhouse Five: “That … Continue reading

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Some spur-of-the-moment winter knitting

This set is for Joanne’s little boy, who is apparently a big fan of pink and who, when taken to the yarn store, gleefully told his mother, “Let’s get this yarn so that Fleinhøy can make something for meeee!” This … Continue reading

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