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Be jubilant, my feet

You may yet remember, dear reader, my dislike of sock-knitting. I tend to knit them in spurts: best to get them all over with at once. However, for reasons that you can likely imagine — e.g. the state of democracy, … Continue reading

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Yarn moratorium

Odd-Even has declared a yarn moratorium, which is probably just as well given the stash expansion that occurred in Canada. Anyway, I knitted some house socks in the handspun green Dorset Horn and spun up a braid of Cheviot into … Continue reading

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Socks! And two small sweaters!

I must admit that I lack any sort of creativity at all when it comes to socks. But at least the sock yarn stash is much diminished (though there are still more pairs to come).

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Ooh! Finished…stuff!

Adrian’s socks! 56 g of laceweight Falkland, kind of crappy and uneven and overplied in some places, but we were so desperate to knit with it that we spun it as fast as possible! And at last our first week … Continue reading

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A scourge of socks

One talks about a gaggle of geese, obstinacy of bison and parliament of owls; would it be reaching much to add “scourge of socks” to that list? I don’t really hate knitting socks, although I do look in awe upon … Continue reading

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More stash

Fingering weight yarn: Mad Tosh Sock, Nøstebarn 2-ply Merino, OnLine Supersocke, a random ball of handspun from a batt by FiberArtemis, and Wendy sock yarn… Sock yarn: blanket or stole or socks?

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Winter Knitting

Yes, dear reader, you read that title right. If one lives in Norway, then one must accept – probably sooner rather than later – that one must take winter seriously. I don’t mean that we ever suffer from particular cold … Continue reading

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