A rainy day at the Palace and Park

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The Woods at Alby

Maybe it’s easier to take blocking pics because there’s no expectation of awesomeness in said pics. Anyway, as usual there is nothing to recommend either my blocking or photography skills but I did love the repetitiveness and simplicity of this pattern.

The shawl takes less than 800 m, which was the intention, but which also made for some stressful and extremely fast knitting — because for some reason I harbour the irrational belief that the speedier the knitting the less yarn will be needed.

With Soft ‘n’ Lacy in the Windflower colourway from Lamington Lass! The yarn is very plump and makes great nupps. It also survived at least 4 trips to the frog pond in quite decent condition.

Here’s a rather dry article from the New York Times about the flower called wood anemone in English (as opposed to the rather more poetic hvitveis in Norwegian) that inspired this shawl.

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Yesterday I discovered AliExpress. If you’re not familiar with it, then the best description that I can muster would be Chinese Amazon crossed with Etsy — in the sense that it provides a platform for individual stores to sell, dream, and scheme.

The shop names charmed and baffled me: Happy DIY Store and Horticulture Family Store made sense but FishMan Store sounded somewhat alarming. Clearly, the Valuefashionshop had decided to make their agenda clear. And the admittedly oddly named Two Per Thousand Store and finding Store had nothing on Shop1669336 Store.

Yarn can certainly be found there, but I managed to keep my hands away from the ‘buy’ button. Instead some dresses and petticoats made it into my cart (there’s a wedding in the family in August! more on the knittery aspects thereof in a later post!) as well as some novelty socks for Dad. Shops offer all kinds of coupons/discounts, although I’m wondering at the wisdom of buying $50 of socks or $300 of dresses (given that $2 buys a pair of socks and $20 a dress) in order to claim a $3 rebate.

With $500 dollars you could reconfigure your home. You could dump your existing wardrobe and transform your style overnight. If you want to be a Goth or rockabilly girl or wear an animal adult onesie then AliExpress will be more than happy to help you fulfil your dream. I don’t like to think of myself as overly materialistic or consumerist, but clearly AliExpress has not appealed to the better angels of my nature.

Speaking of conspicuous consumerism, here’s my latest yarn from my new favourite dyer Lamington Lass! I would have started knitting already but for the UFOs lingering on my 3.5 mm needles. Waaah!

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I joined Pinterest

Why did I keep writing that post title as “I jointed Pinterest”? I don’t even joint chickens! But yes. I joined Pinterest.

Anyway, it being required to provide Pinterest with a minimum of 5 (!) topics so that they could curate a homepage for me, I decided to engage in some surreptitious rebellion after choosing the predictable ‘knitting’ and ‘lace’ and ‘yarn’. So I listed ‘survival skills’ as one of my 5 interests — and Pinterest obligingly provided me with tips on how to ward off a variety of wild animals while knitting Japanese cable patterns.

Screen Shot 2017-03-30 at 17.57.25

On the knitting front, the stash expansion pack just arrived this afternoon from Jon at Easyknits — and last week’s swatch has turned into a shawl.


My spooky shadow arm somehow reminded me of the shadow puppets from the opening credits of the movie Bunraku, which is where I’ll leave you tonight:

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Is it a bird? Is it a plane?

No, it’s a swatch!


As I sit here in my little cave, also known as my study, contemplating this piece of a potential pattern, I like to imagine sunlight streaming through the nonexistent windows to the limpid notes of Debussy. Here Arturo Benedetti Michelangeli plays two preludes and Children’s corner; Mitsuko Uchida plays the 12 etudes; and Walter Gieseking plays the Suite Bergamasque.

And, having reached the end of my inspiration, thus ends this post.

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Seven Frankish Sisters…er, queens

Knitting: I’m trying to stashbust, I really really am, trust me on that one, dear reader, but sometimes my designs end up orthogonally positioned to the existing stash. And then Jon at Easyknits offers free shipping and Tott admires some yarn and and and.

Music: There’s nothing quite like Philippe Jaroussky singing the Domine Deus from one of Vivaldi’s Glorias. Well, except maybe Joshua Bell playing Brahms.

Book: I’m reading Fridtjof Nansen’s På Ski Over Grønland in a very handsome edition from the local library. Let me regale you with stories about the width of sled runners and the weights of different woods.

Oh wait, let me not do that. My personal milestone this week (as opposed to a personal millstone) does involve a book, however. The first scarves from the Not Quite Samite collection were knitted back in the summer of 2014, so this collection has been two and a half years in the making — but let’s not think about that egregious timeline cos it’s finally finished and you can now buy all 7 patterns together as an e-book!

Seven Sisters

Here are some sample pages from the book — manuscript images and medieval accounts of Merovingians accompany the eponymous scarves:

Screen Shot 2017-03-18 at 10.19.25Screen Shot 2017-03-18 at 10.20.42Screen Shot 2017-03-18 at 10.20.20

If you feel like busting some stash and marveling at the murderous deeds of Frankish royalty, this might totally be the thing for you!

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