Morgana & Flora

Morgana and her little sister Flora are top-down heart-shaped shawls with a simple mesh pattern and candlelight edging.

Morgana is worked on 3.5 mm needles (using 3 mm needles for the edging), while Flora is lighter, shallower, and quicker with 4.5 mm needles (using 4 mm needles for the edging).

These shawls use the same stitch patterns, but Flora starts with a longer cast-on edge in order to produce the shallower shape. The patterns were written separately and then combined into a single file, so when you open the PDF you will first see the instructions & photographs for Morgana followed by the ones for Flora.

The patterns assume that you know how to cast on provisionally, pick up stitches, and attach an edging.

Both versions have been test-knitted.

Yarn: Laceweight, 650 – 990 yards (594 – 905 m)

Needles: 3.5 mm / US 4 and 3 mm / US 2.5; 4.5 mm / US 7 and 4 mm / US 6

Sizes: 28” x 60” / 71 x 152 cm and 22” x 50” / 127 x 55 cm