Not Quite Samite

It all started with Bertechildis, one of the three (nearly simultaneous) wives of the Frankish king Dagobert I († 639). Well, no, it actually started more than ten years ago at university when I formed a tendre for a fellow student whom I’ll call Frederick Barbablonda. We were both studying medieval history and while I ended up as a freelance knitting designer, he eventually did become an actual professional medievalist with a real job at a university and trips to conferences and publications in journals. Anyway, back in the day I started reading about the Merovingian kingdoms and all kinds of Vulgar Latin chronicles in order to have an excuse to keep his company and now the dynasties of the “long-haired kings” still exert a surprisingly strong hold on my imagination.

That said, these designs have nothing to do with Merovingian clothing (about which relatively little is known), but my sense of humour is childish enough that I find it funny to give such names as Waldrada and Gomentrude to these light and lacy accessories.

Samite is a heavy silk cloth woven with gold or silver threads. It was often used in medieval royal garments. Sadly, none of these scarves have been knitted with gold or silver yarn – although, come to think of it, angelina and firestar might have done the trick.

This series will contain 7 or 8 scarves. When all of the patterns have been released, they will be available as a bundle and possibly reformatted into an e-book. Until then, each pattern can be purchased separately.

Bertechildis – free pattern!